Equal Rites (Discworld Novel 3) by Terry PratchettThis story begins with a dying magician passes his staff to the eighth son of the eighth son, so that he inherited his magical abilities and the magician could move to another world. When it’s done, the magician knows that he has made the mistake of not checking the sex of the newborn child. And eighth son, in fact, was the daughter.


But Death already came for the mage and he had no choice but to accept the fact, as is sometimes joked Fate. And perhaps not joking, and this is a real turning point in the history of magic Discworld? In fact, prior to this event, no woman has ever crossed the threshold of the Unseen University and does not become a magician.

Women were witches, who were mostly engaged in that collected herbs, preparing tinctures, helped mothers and the sick. The wizards were a completely different subject matter and knowledge. And so was born the first female wizard, and just a wonderful girl. About its attempts to achieve “equal rights” with men-wizards, as well as about the many fun adventures and situations (as is usually the case with Pratchett) and will be described herein.

The characters are very charismatic, of those with whom it is nice to embark on a long journey, and to leave a little sad. The humor is typically Pratchett’s, which is either like, or “not yours”, but his jokes are those in which the joke, but the rest is true.

So easy and fun, absolutely no tediousness, talk about rights and freedoms, roles and traditions can only Pratchett. He seems to be pushing for thought, but not imposed. And it is possible to speculate on serious themes hidden under the veil of fantasy, but you can just enjoy a fun story.

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