Mort (Discworld Novel 4) by Terry Pratchett

Mort (Discworld Novel 4) by Terry PratchettThe plot of the book “Mort” is a very interesting and quite unusual: there was himself Mort, boy-solid-knees. No matter what, he was unfit, and the father decides to go with his son on a sort of “job fair”, certainly not in the modern sense of the word.

A bunch of people willing to find work is getting in the middle of the square, and the “employers” and want to find a journeyman, choose from this handful of people liked. Mort was not lucky – he is the last and nobody wanted to take him home. But with the last beats of the clock and the onset of midnight, the square is invaded by someone in a dark cloak and turns out to be… Yes, it is a Death that needs an apprentice.

And they jump into the realm of Death. No no, it’s not some dungeon, although bones and skulls, as usual, around enough. And begins new student’s Death to learn his difficult Providence. And Death covers the anguish and he goes to study human pleasures – fishing, alcohol. Can you imagine? Death, sitting on the beach with a fishing rod and catching fish!

Young Mort will assume the duties of Death, and passes without messed up because of the lovely ladies…

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