Neighbors Katherine – the family of AllenovIn the book “Northanger Abbey” tells the story of seventeen year old Catherine Morland, a fan of Gothic novels. Neighbors Katherine – the family of Allenov – invite her to visit with them the bath, and there our heroine finds a best friend in the person of Isabella Thorpe, and meets a young man named Henry Tilney, who takes hold of her thoughts and heart.

Beautifully drawn, realistic characters attract attention and cause a smile. John Thorpe is a liar and windbag, he has failed to Eclipse Mr. Collins, but the attempt was worthy.

Isabela Thorpe windy the dummy, seeking for marriage party povygodnee, handing out promises which are not going to perform.

Parents Catherine – decent people, with Olympian calm, and happily escaped the influence of the novels.

Henry Tilney is a local role model – smart, ironic, considerate, always made fun on cat for something that takes for granted all described in Gothic novels, and waiting for friends and encountered people of the same actions.

Conceited General, aunts mash and many other interesting characters that make the world tangible and inviting.

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