The Revenant A Novel of Revenge by Michael PunkeThe book is intriguing not only by name but also what is written on real events. Hugh glass joined a detachment of William Ashley and trappers went up the Missouri. Later part of the squad, glass including separated and went their own way. During their journey on Hugh glass was attacked by a grizzly; major Henry, who heads the party, decided that the poor man was a goner and left him with two other trappers, so they waited until his death and was buried. Glass, however, was in no hurry to die, so that the comrades have taken all his property, caught up with the squad and said that Hugh died.

But, despite everything, the glass survived. The punk describes the path of the glass, as the wounded, exhausted, abandoned to their fate, stubbornly moved forward without a rifle, knife and anything else that could be of use to someone. He manages to get back on his feet and back in the squad with one sole purpose – to find those who left him to die, and even robbed before. More about the plot of nothing to say. The author tries to adhere to the historicity and accuracy of the route, but it turns out somehow dull, like a pencil drawing in the sodden sheet.

Like everything is clear, but the vividness of the far. Disseminations of information about the significance of the Fur company and poulnabrene biographies of characters, assigned once quickly, it’s crowded and not too clear, why not help to give you an idea of what is before us, and confusing. And these biographies are not credible, to take at least the main villain – needs a villain, so we’ll do such a villain, the villain simply doesn’t happen.

This item is no longer available on EPUBLIB as we received request for deletion from copy right holder 


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