Go Set a Watchman by Harper LeeUnexpected continuation of the book «To kill a Mockingbird», Harper Lee has delighted many of its fans. The book is accompanied by a scandal, as it is not exactly clear in mind whether the writer gave permission to publish this work. Moreover there is an assumption that it is not a continuation at all, and the main novel, which was just edited and converted by us at all your favorite book.

And so the book, «Go Set a Watchman» by Harper Lee  tells us about the lives of our main characters twenty years later. Already a young woman “Scout” returns to his hometown and is faced with unexpected problems, which is trying to understand. After reading the novel, I can say that the experience is mixed. As in “to Kill a Mockingbird,” we see the world through the eyes of a child, but what attracted in the first book, it is already confusing because our main character is no longer a child but a young woman.

Despite her age, she still does not understand what is happening in the world of adults and trying to figure it out. The naivete with which our heroine looks at the world, attracts and repels simultaneously, but this gives you the opportunity, as twenty years ago, to understand everything from scratch.

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