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Name of eBook: The Shining
Author: Stephen King
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Children’s Books
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The book «The Shining» by Stephen King Review and Quotes: «The Shining» – the book that tells about the five year old boy who can see and hear something that is inaccessible to others. Many fans say Stephen king about what the novel «The Shining» is one of the best and scariest works of Stephen king.

The young writer-loser and an alcoholic Jack Torrance along with his wife Wendy and five year old son Danny went to the mountains, it takes a winter caretaker at the overlook. It is not simple at all and throughout the series, Jack is more and more convinced. But despite this story, Jack is still convinced that his family will feel comfortable here and little Danny immediately feels danger.

Danny is no ordinary boy, he has a special gift that allows him to see what others don’t see. And for some time the hotel becomes more dangerous, he slowly begins to drive you crazy and pull out the personal demons of each family member, especially when it concerns Jack Torrance.