Resurrection by Leo TolstoyLeo Tolstoy a very interesting philosophy. It seems, based on correct and logical conclusions in life, but it looks not very applicable to real life. A great writer and thinker clearly brewing the root of all evil in human society, but completely forgets about the level of consciousness of the ordinary man, which, in principle, is of little interest to spiritual development as to their identity, so society as a whole. But on the way out of despair Leo Tolstoy looming some utopian, designed for very high and almost unattainable self-awareness.


For Nekhludoff the catalyst for the fall of the veil from the eyes was only the awareness of his guilt before a prostitute Katya Maslova. Once, in his youth, violated, and leaving the innocent girl he knew almost from childhood, he met her a decade later in a courtroom as the defendant. Life of Katya Maslova after a juicy story with the Prince swiftly ran downhill, and after 10 years she was already a prostitute with the experience. As a result of judicial error Maslova, in principle, is innocent, was sentenced to 4 years in prison. Nekhludoff, who was one of the jurors, through the understanding of his “small fault”, suddenly aware of its global adverse role in the life of Catherine.

Leo Tolstoy, through reflections of the protagonist reveals, like a festering ulcer on the body of the leper, one after another, many of the problems of society. The range of issues is very large. Here and the conflict of faith in God with the precepts of formal religion, and the question of the insolvency of the legal and penal systems, and justification of the rise of the revolutionary movement in Russia in the late 19th century, and the problems of moral and spiritual choice, and causal relationships in the development of the human personality, etc. Looks quite bleak and hard-hitting. Nevertheless, it is worth to read, because, despite the time difference, really not much has changed since then.

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