Making-Money-Terry-PratchettMost people think that you need a certain mood to read Pratchett. But this book was so successful that the mood itself is created and the reader swallows the book with great pleasure. After glancing briefly at the couple of pages, the reader can not be dragged behind the ears.

If all the textbooks on economics were so fascinating! The system of banks and the judicial system are really well-written here, in which a parody of our existing ones is quite clearly traced. In general, numerous references to current realities can not but rejoice. And then the adventure of a charming swindler. Mokritsa von Lipvig, golems, good and different, tyrants, corrupt guards and guards are honest, crazy family with a sea of ​​skeletons in the cupboards, magic and, of course, a dog who suddenly became chairman of the bank, but not that in his life from this, something has changed.

In addition to the exciting adventures that make you really worry about the hero, there is a wonderful humor that causes a smile, and in general everything that happens is imbued with such warm irony, or something. The author’s love for the characters is felt.

It’s especially nice that you can take any book from any cycle – and still not get confused, who is who. It’s certainly nice to meet old friends again, and I definitely will, but it seems to me valuable that the character’s image is fully integrated even if you see it for the first time, and it has a remarkable history behind it. In general, this is a 100% hit, if the book gets to you, you will read it without stopping.

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