Flight to Arras by Antoine de Saint-ExupéryMany lofty reviews of this book already written. And how many there will be! War brings either a very dirty, filthy or very high-sounding words and thoughts. The text was written by A. Saint-Exupery, sitting in well-fed and safe America, shamefully surrendered fleeing from France after a year of “phoney war” and its 28 hours of flying time on the aircraft reconnaissance, this text makes readers different reviews.

The book is exactly how good the description of the implementation of a military pilot combat missions, so unbearable in bombastic descriptions of his thoughts about everything and everyone. This book is about how he sees military pilot at war, how he feels and comprehends, as he foresees it and experiencing.

The book is about anxiety and fear of death experienced by the pilot, preparing to perform a deadly mission, his determination to accomplish the task and about how he finds the strength for this determination. The book is about how burn his fears, when the pilot starts the plane and like a faithful machine fills it with warmth and confidence.

The plane allows him to rise above the flames of Arras, to leave him and the enemy fighters climbing to unreachable heights for them.

Here he is a French high-altitude reconnaissance plane “Bloch MB.174” where the writer made several sorties in may 1940, and for a flight on reconnaissance over the Arras was awarded the Military cross “For military merit”. Still the flame of Arras took it.

It is settled in the heart of Antoine’s. And could not a former pilot safely see out in America before the end of the war, was not able to write more beautiful stories and to achieve world-wide fame.

In 1944, he again went to war with the hated fascism, again won the right to fly.

And died as a hero.

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