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Name of eBook: Reasons to Stay Alive
Author: Matt Haig
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature
Available Download Formats: ePub

The book «Reasons to Stay Alive» by Matt Haig Review and Quotes: Matt Haig tells us that at 24, he was on the verge of suicide. He was at that time in Ibiza, in the lovely cottage with the girl he loved, and suddenly… Came the depression. The output from the first page: no one is immune from it. According to Matt Haig’s depression is a disease. And its causes from a variety of people are still not studied and not amenable to easy to understand explanations.

Haigh shares her experience of her emerging symptoms and constant anxiety. The second conclusion: no need to be ashamed that you have depression. Many people are suffering and have suffered because of it. But the ways of dealing with it exist. Each person they are certainly different. Matt realized that the antidepressants did not help him as long as he wanted, and he accordingly threw down the tablets as the key to salvation. But he in any case does not deny that someone they can help. That’s what I liked this book, the author simply shares his experience, he insists, and gives advice, hints, in the hope that someone in a similar situation they will help. You seem to read someone’s blog, interesting and useful at the same time.

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