EPUB Orphan Master's SonThe plot of the book «Orphan Master’s Son» by Adam Johnson set in North Korea. The author is very convincing, though not possessing the full information shows readers the life of the most closed and drugged propaganda state in the world. The eyes of his hero chamdo, brought up in an orphanage, it shows the North Korean regime in all its glory, sometimes exaggerating, sometimes bringing to the point of absurdity, but for the Western reader a faithful picture. I am somewhat amazed that some of our readers will indignantly say that it’s all true.

It is possible, though not all, but the main message of the book is correct – that where the state suppresses person entirely, where people have no will, no personal interest to anything, there is only fear for their lives and their loved ones, so that sometimes parents cultivate indifference to children, in order not to die of grief, so, in this state, nothing good happens. What a horrible totalitarianism – he degumaniziruet people, turning them into bricks for the state.

The only good – with such an unreliable Foundation, sooner or later it will end. Because deprived of self-esteem and security people sooner or later will rise. Asian humility and resignation, too, have a limit. Examples of propaganda in the book is gorgeous and, according to the author, taken from real North Korean Newspapers. The first half of the novel deals with Jeon do-and his fate – as from a shelter he gets into the tunnels under the demilitarized zone, where he learns to fight in the dark, then takes part in kidnappings from Japan, South Korea, China and Russia (kidnapping and also have a touch of Surah), then he is considered reliable enough to entrust the interception of conversations of foreign sailors at sea onboard a fishing vessel.

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