The Humans by Matt Haig EPUBName of eBook: The Humans
Author: Matt Haig
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature
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The book «The Humans» by Matt Haig Review and Quotes: This book belongs to the amazing literature of our time. Throwing barbs in the direction of the human lifestyle, the author quickly jumps ship and goes to the camp of the enemy. Lectured in the hands of the protagonist a shovel, he causes it to fill one scale with a bunch of beautiful statements about the meaning of life, love, peanut butter, tea, dogs, black holes, quanta, kisses, Emily Dickinson, etc.

In the end, the Cup once again, thank you and, as a consequence, raises the spirit of the reader. Inspired by the reader basks in the rays of heat and the heat itself gives near and far. The idea of something like this. If it works, it’s hard to say I’m not human. But the reading was fun.

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Rainy Friday night, a Cambridge University Professor Andrew Martin finds a solution to the world’s most complex mathematical problems. It can change the entire course of human history. But Professor Martin suddenly disappears. When some time later he finds… walking on a highway without any garment on the body, Professor Martin feels a little strange. His wife and son, he seems to some others. He is absolutely all-around appears to be ridiculous, people worthy of pity, human life is devoid of meaning. All around cause him disgust. All except Newton. The old half-blind dog.

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