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Graham Greene is a British writer of detective stories and novels Catholic, is remarkable in all respects. The book «The End of The Affair» the most famous and popular novel of his. At school he suffered from depression, in adulthood bipolar disorder.

In 1922, the year he joined the Communist party of great Britain tried to obtain an invitation to visit the Soviet Union. In the 1940s, were recruited by his sister to British intelligence. Helped Fidel Castro personally met with him. In 1967, the year he was nominated for the Nobel prize for literature. Pope Paul VI in private conversation told Greene that, although it works and may offend Catholics, he should not pay attention to criticism.

At the age of 22 he was baptized and married Vivien Dayrell-Browning, 43, left the family and asked for a divorce, whose wife gave him. After this relations with his wife and children he had. Technically grin remained married until his death. The reason for the divorce was an affair with Catherine Walston, the wife of Henry Walston, successful officials and politicians.

Graham and Catherine. She was truly a beautiful woman. Source. As you might guess, this novel was the basis of the book “The End of The Affair“. The protagonist is Maurice Bendrix is an aspiring writer. He tells us about his love and hatred of Sarah, the wife of his friend Henry. She suddenly decides to break all relations with Bendixon after suffering together at his house for the bombing. Two years they do not see each other and communicate, until by chance, Bendrix is not found by night with Henry and invites him to their home. Henry suspects something, and doesn’t know if he should hire a private investigator to confirm their suspicions. Bendrix, in the end he hires the same detective and he begins to follow Sara. Open interesting details explaining her drastic change in relations with Bendikson and her unwillingness to communicate after a breakup. Sarah dies, and starts to happen something inexplicable.

The question of faith and justification one of the main in the novel. Bendrix, considers God his main rival Sarah. Her husband he perceives as an unfortunate but avoidable obstacle. Despite two years of carefully cultivated hatred, it is worth it once to see Sarah, he can’t stop thinking about her. I liked the book because in it one can see something of their own. Depending on the lived experience, the reader will grab the text romantic experience Bendrix. Or problem relationship when a spouse is perceived about the same as a Mat for the bathroom: convenient, practical, safe. Or search for the answer to the question whether there is a God, and if so, whether he is merciful. Or the hatred turns into passion and back.

At the end of the novel “The End of The Affair” there are certain unexplained events that the secondary characters of the narrative was interpreted as divine intervention. But due to the fact that the author is a good writer, every reader can interpret these events as it likes. It’s a direct analogue with faith!

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Religion depends on the ability/abilities of the person not to question the unexplained and unconfirmed things (whether the resurrection of Christ, the prophet Muhammad or whether the spinning wheel of Samsara). Some readers consider the book described in the final event as definitive evidence of the existence of God. To me they look identical. The question is, inclines to the reader, how to set up his perception. Bendrix the explanation that it was a miracle, not comfortable and annoying. But in the end he surrenders and is given to the greedy God who has taken Sarah, and wants to take all.

In short, “The End of The Affair” I recommend reading, especially because the book less than two hundred pages.

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The End of the Affair by Graham Greene
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Writer-lover recalls ended the affair with the wife of his friend a year after her death. A love triangle during the Second world war in London. That all became even more vulgar complement: in the book take place to be the search for God, the probable intervention of a higher power in the Affairs of mortals, restrained English jealousy and existential reflections that will appeal to high school students.
It’s amazing how the author manages to create something coherent, readable and fascinating.

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