pride-and-prejudiceThe novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is set in England of the late 18th century. The unexpected news that Netherfield Park is no longer empty, all the excitement, and all because he rents a young man named Bingley with an income of four or five thousand a year. And most importantly, he’s single!

This event also brings in the excitement Mrs. Bennet, who immediately decided that this is a good case for her daughters because she was sure that Mr. Bingley will fall in love and then marries one of her five daughters. It is at a ball Bingley meets one of the daughters of Mr. Bennet – Jane. But their history are not important! Bingley arrives with his friend Mr Darcy is handsome, rich and very proud. He immediately recognized the arrogant and unpleasant person. His friend Bingley suggests Darcy to dance with one of the girls, and the latter are attracted by Elizabeth, sister Jane: “Maybe she’s nice, but not enough to disturb my peace…” And from this moment begins the story of Elizabeth and Darcy.

The main characters of the novel:

Elizabeth Bennet – honey not stupid in contrast to his younger sisters and mother. Cheerful, sharp language, is not devoid of common sense and applies to everything with a sense of humor (probably gets that from her dad), openly expresses his thoughts and feelings. Although at some points it annoyed me that at times considered themselves, their thoughts about life are better than others, and even if it is something in a head will climb, it was very difficult to convince. Often judge people by first impressions. She attributed the vices of some people with amazing ease, without even thinking to find justification for them, considering these shortcomings humiliating. But those same flaws are not noticed in others. However she was able after some time to admit their mistakes. Precisely because of its dissimilarity to the other girls she was attracted to Darcy.

Mr. Darcy – as there are book heroes that are standards, and one of them is Mr Darcy. Polite young man, but too proud of that at all looks down. At first glance it seems uncommunicative, harsh, but on closer acquaintance it becomes clear that he is very thoughtful and generous. I liked the fact that he’s not pretending to be, made a Declaration of love, telling how much effort it cost him, did not spare her feelings about her family. But in the end admitted their mistakes and did not depend on the opinions of others. And even not knowing if the feeling is mutual, would do everything for the happiness of Elizabeth. And in the end they changed each other for the better.

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