Pride and Prejudice Synopsis

A timeless classic from the early 1800s, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is known as a breakthrough novel. A strong female lead and a handful of tumultuous relationships to boot- this book will always be a go-to for not only literature classes, but leisure readers as well!

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Pride and Prejudice centers around a strong-willed, perceptive woman named Elizabeth Bennet, her plight to find a worthy suitor, and her relationship with the man that would ultimately occupy her thoughts, Mr. Darcy.

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth start off with less-than-ideal first impressions that inevitably influence their interactions throughout the duration of the book.

The novel brings readers through a series of misunderstandings, rocky conversations, and eventually concludes in an epic way. Consistently remaining a page-turner throughout, it has an ending that a reader cannot pass up.

The main characters of the novel:

Elizabeth Bennet – a woman with four sisters, all very different from each other. As the second eldest, Elizabeth has a mature perception of society and reality that more closely mirrors her father’s and eldest sister’s. Rather than sharing her mother’s take on life that is similar to her younger sisters’. She doesn’t place much value in the necessity of marriage to live a good life, but won’t completely write it off either.

Mr. Darcy – Initially someone who comes off as arrogant and difficult, Mr. Darcy turns out to be a rather caring and kind man. He isn’t forthcoming with his interests and goals which causes him some strife in his interactions with others. However, once his true values are aired, others cannot help but be moved by his true nature.


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