‘Out of the Silent Planet’ Synopsis

Out of Silent Planet is the first book in C. S. Lewis’s space trilogy first published in 1938. The main character Elwin Ransom is kidnapped by a former college acquaintance Devine and placed aboard a space craft headed to the planet Malacandra. Soon enough, wonder and excitement relieve his horrors of being kidnapped. However, when he overhears his captures discussing overturning him to the local inhabitants. His worries are only beginning.

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Soon after landing, Ransom escapes from his captures. But soon runs off in terror upon first seeing the vaguely humanoid but alien sorns. In his wanderings, he finds that all the lakes, streams, and rivers are warm, that gravity is significantly lower than on Earth, and that the plants and mountains are all extremely tall and thin.

After meeting a hross named Hyoi, a civilized native of a different species, Ransom becomes a guest for several weeks in Hyoi’s village, where he uses his philological skills to learn the language. Discovering that gold (known as “sun’s blood”), is plentiful on Malacandra, he discerns Devine’s motive for making the voyage.

Ransom is soon told that he must go meet the ruler of the planet by an angelic being. This is his only way to get back home. Along the way his new companions help him reach the destination. But not without a few troubles

Soon Ransom finds that he is running out of air and relies on his new friend Augray to get more. The next day, Augray carry’s Ransom and takes him across the bleak tableland and down into another river valley to Meldilorn. Here Ransom meets a pfifltrigg, one of the other species on the planet. The creature tells him about the beautiful houses and works of art that his people make in their native forests. But you will have to read more to find what happens next!

This work was inspired by A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay.


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