Outliers The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell – very cleverly the author took and explained the success of the players date of birth, linked mathematical mind of Chinese rice cultivation, and the success of the Jews in the law with the achievements of their ancestors.

Support the idea that any success is not only those 10 thousand hours that you spent on working on yourself, but also a coincidence. The analysis seems quite superficial without numerous references to scientific works and experiments of scientists. as is usual in books of this kind, but this, perhaps, is the beauty and lightness of the book.

It is worth noting the unique style of the author in the analysis of habitual events and actions in everyday situations. Each Chapter considers the uniqueness of a certain group of people and finds several reasons for the success of this group. The encouraging effect of the book boiled down to the fact that any success can be explained.

Another thing is that the explanations are not secrets to super-easy success and instant results. In most cases, the explanations boil down to the fact that the success of many people, in addition to good luck and other factors, still requires a lot more work than it seems. That is why most outstanding be the only one.

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