Shantaram by Gregory David RobertsName of eBook: Shantaram
Author: Gregory David Roberts
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Culture
The book «Shantaram» by Gregory David Roberts Review and Quotes: The book «Shantaram» tells us about the life of a Bombay gangster who escaped from prison in Australia. I never would have thought that the image of the gangster is comparable to the image of a romantic lady in the cloying and banalnosti thoughts and actions.

As we know, the book is partly autobiographical, but nevertheless the author claims that the events and characters are fictional. So Lin, the protagonist of the book «Shantaram», it seems to me much better version of Roberts. Of course, he is a thug and drug dealer, but first and foremost he was a philosopher, sensitive, intellectual. The narcissism of the main character knows no bounds.

The author does not want to see how terrible things he did, robbing banks and taking drugs (this is what worked Roberts). He wants to see himself as Santarama wants to talk about Universe, meaning of life, wants to justify themselves and their actions by some far-fetched the highest order. It is not a foolish attempt to escape reality? With the help of this book Roberts tried to live a life that never was, become what he is not.

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