The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver (EPUB, PDF Download)Name of eBook: The Poisonwood Bible 
Author: Barbara Kingsolver
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Historical
The book «The Poisonwood Bible» by Barbara Kingsolver Review and Quotes: Novel Barbara Kingsolver, telling about a family of American Christian missionaries who moved in the late 50s in the jungles of the Congo, just at the period when the colonial country has led the fight for independence.

In this dramatic story with a dynamic and intense story, told by five women – the wives and daughters of the priest, shows a large-scale picture of the country, unable to bear the yoke of colonialism, and then crushed the “democracy”. Along with the political crisis describes the forcible imposition of the Christian religion among the natives.

The author, skillfully using a African flavor, in the illustrative example of the novel’s characters, depicted the changing attitudes of foreigners in Africa, but also showed the difficulties that inevitably arise in the clash of such different cultures.

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