One-Door-Away-from-Heaven-by-Dean-KoontzScience fiction is one of the most popular literary genres in the world, which means that most of the books published under this auspices are doomed to success. Like any genre of science fiction has its own branches, namely: soft (social) and hard(differs in that the narrative does not violate known scientific laws) fiction. A huge number of writers work in this genre, but not all works are remembered so much that you can be proud of reading them.


Perhaps you will be surprised that Koonz decided to work in such an unusual genre for him, but in it the master of the Thriller began his writing career.

The main plot of the novel is built around a little boy who is forced to hide from the killers of his mother. It would seem that the problem is clear and all he needs is to escape and hide as far as possible, but the pursuers have special equipment that helps them to overtake him in the most remote corners of the United States.

At the very beginning of the novel, the boy finds a house in which he wants to find some money and food. Once inside he finds two sleeping adults and a boy, as written on the bedroom door, the name Curtis Hammond. The fugitive knows that a long presence here threatens with danger to everyone who is in the house and decides as soon as possible to leave his temporary shelter. All would be nothing, but leaving the house, he discovers that the longer one. His escape was joined by a dog. Although loneliness has left him, he’d never leave the guilt for the death of those people left in the house. Now they’re killed by his pursuers. The boy decides to become the one who died through his fault. Now he’s Curtis Hammond. The real fate of the new Curtis you will be able to learn only after 400 of the first page. In this story, there is everything to make you read the book to the end. There something and will ensue full-fledged fiction. Also in the novel there are two more stories that play an important role in building a complete picture of what is happening. The first story is about a girl Leilani who has to live with his stepfather, a sociopath and a drug addict mother. The girl has a number of physical defects that hinder her full life, but an unusually developed mind helps her to overcome all the difficulties that the fate throws at her.

Sometimes the girl is afraid, thinking about what awaits her in the future, but nevertheless tries to keep Dostoinstvo. Lailani meets a girl Mickey Belsong and very close to her, for the first time in my life realizing that he can find a real family.

The second story introduces us to Noah Farrell, a successful private investigator. His fate is no easier than that of other characters. A difficult childhood pushed him to serve in the police, but after he almost scored to the death of one criminal, he was politely offered to resign, granting a license to a private detective. Noah has a sister who was shell-shocked at an early age and is no longer able to take care of herself. She is in a clinic where she is cared for daily. Noah often visits her, feeling ourselves guilty, that did not prevent the one who beat her up. The plot moves of the novel are very important and removing at least one of them, the picture of what is happening will not be so full. The novel is built in a very strict sequence and if you carelessly read any point, it will not be superfluous to go back to where you have questions. The only drawback is the head at number 73. It was not clear why it is needed. Mr. Koontz unfortunately wasn’t able to stop before to not isplatiti experience feericheskoe finals.

This novel is not like the other creations of Kunz. The chapters here are separated into many sub-tables in order to show what happens to the characters in the same period of time. In each Chapter the reader is looking for the one character that definitely could not do each author.

Wants to note the descriptions of the characters. The most memorable was the image of a nurse who supported the ideas of utilitarian bioethics, that is, believed that people with disabilities should not live. It was both intimidating and exciting, which is not often possible to convey to the writer. In the book a lot of characters and it is impossible not to at least say a few words about each. It’s a boy who has to hide from his mother’s murderers. His young age allows his imagination to play out in the most unexpected places. For example, when he saw false jaws in banks, he thought it was the lair of maniacs collecting their victims ‘ teeth. Be fun. Because of his age, it’s a little difficult for him to find a common language with people, but that’s not the only reason.

Lailani’s character is perhaps the most interesting. The disabled girl, who considers herself a mutant, arguing that disabled people regret, and fear of mutants. For their 9 years old she’s too smart, that is only a plus, as it helps her to communicate. Lailani wants to be a writer. Every day she has to fight with his plight, but so far she’s doing fine… Mickey Bellsong an ex-convict who is in search of his destiny. Having met Lailani, she gradually realizes that she wants to be with her. She manifested a sort of maternal instinct that tells her to protect Leilani from her so-called parents. Mickey is very young and therefore believes that he is able to “roll mountains”.

Noah Farrell grew up in a family of criminals. Around him there was always a sense of tension. In the air, even between family members, there was mistrust. Later, being a policeman, he encountered a man beating a little girl. He was enraged by hatred, and he almost killed a criminal. Noah seemed to have returned to childhood, to the moment when he was beaten by his sister. Then voluntary departure from the police and a successful career as a private detective. Preston Maddoc, stepfather Leilani. A sociopath by nature he is still in his childhood decided that insects and animals don’t deserve to die, but physically undeveloped can kill. Then his whole life was a certain way to justify their way of life. Becoming leader of bioethics he could to follow this philosophy, knowing, that his will support many people. Plus, Maddock is obsessed with UFOs and sincerely believes that they kidnap people in order to cure their physical flaws. Sensimilla, biological mother Leilani. To the bone burned drug addict. She’s always high or passed out. Her whole life is a series of hallucinations.

Koontz was able to show you how to rot away, not only the body but also the soul. There are two other characters that can make you feel a little dumbfounded. This is Cass and Polly, twin sisters. Koonz managed to convey how, maybe, a strong bond between sisters. This connection is manifested even at the telepathic level, namely, in the dialogues, when the twins finish each other’s sentences. However, it is difficult to force yourself not to mention the fact that the author went a little overboard with them, so to speak, temperament. Characters worked out just great and each has its own highlight. Dean koontz is one of those authors who can convey everything that the characters feel in certain situations. For any novel, the atmosphere is important, especially when the novel is really big.

Perhaps one of the highlights of the novel is the ending. Kunz decided to make the finale something like the movie “lock, stock and two Smoking barrels”, and it gathered all the key characters in one place and set the atmosphere of the highest tension.

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