By-the-Light-of-the-Moon-by-Dean-KoontzDean Koonz, like king – a favorite chair in which you can not sit for years, but which remembers and then helpfully takes the form of your buttocks. Koontz can blame for many things: for the paranoid obsession with certain topics, wandering from novel to novel, sugary idealiziruete Goodies for excessive thoroughness and a certain sterility of his style.


Dean Koontz – the great master of spinning intrigue into a tight knot, cut the voltage in the tens to hundreds of volts, to captivate, stun, scare and then laugh; that’s what he is more than enough, so it ability to unravel their own intrigue with the same grace with which he did confuse them. However, all this is trivia, summary of the pros and reliably outweigh the disadvantages. Not to say that romance can get in line with the best works of the author, but, like almost all of the Mature works of Kunz, is a mark of quality that guarantees that the time spent will not be sorry.

As always, the good, this time in the face of the actress of the Comedy genre, the artist and his brother autistic (by the way, well-designed character, and characteristically, and plot), the will of the fates received psychic abilities, resists the quintessence of human evil. As always, riddles, intrigues, mysticism, drama, a lot of good humor and human relationships.

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