The Crown by Kiera Cass

The Crown by Kiera Cass«The Crown» is surprisingly romantic and the last book in the series «The Selection». Edlin agrees again to make the Selection only in order to divert the attention of citizens, because, in her opinion, to find among the thirty-five unknown boys true love is. Pretty fast and tough enough Princess gets rid of most of the contenders for her hand and her crown. However, due to events in the Palace Idlin is the center of attention, expects the whole country. Even if she doesn’t find true love, as was able to find her parents, Idlin must make your choice. But sometimes the heart is able to surprise you…

«The Crown» is the last book in the series «The Selection». Idlin Shrieve every day closer to the throne, but she still did not win the love of his people and found his love for initially hated her selection, which she was forced to hold parents (MAXON and America). She has to grow up and rethink many things in a short time. And while it makes inexperienced steps in the ascent to the throne, it comes on the heels of the invisible enemy.

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