Midnight-by-Dean-KoontzThis is something extraordinary! In the process of reading has been steadily haunted by the image. Liked the book in spite of periodic sagging of the plot. In the beginning everything is OK, but by the middle of the book was terribly scared. But this should be the effect of Ott horror book.


Meanwhile, the book should be read to fans of high-quality horror books. This book is a high class horror film. Here is an idea, a fairly believable plot, vivid characters and good language presentation. In a small town, where there are brutal murders, sent by the FBI undercover; in the city is something strange, residents eat without measure, and the streets roam monsters. Here comes the girl who is going to know what happened to her sister, the alleged suicide in this city. In town these two meet. Here, an eleven year old girl runs away from her parents who, she believes, turned into aliens. And a crippled war veteran, who is watching city through a telescope, and he informed the FBI about the strange things happening in the city. And blame around the scholar-genius, he creates new people, deprived of all of emotions except of fear. Fear and lack of all human qualities makes these new people into animals, monsters, cybermonday.

However, these “new people” that overcame all the most vile despicable from his human nature – emotions, suddenly began to indulge their weaknesses, turning into some kind of grotesque half, polycubes. And this genius wonders why people choose to kill and to descend to a lower stage of development, to abandon even the appearance of a person (this is to those who have merged with computers). And then there’s a crazed FBI agent who saved everyone as usual, a little girl who acted just like an adult, a disabled Vietnam veteran, and the sister of one of the victims who knows everything and is smart at all. In General, if You will offer to inject something yellow to overcome the emotions do not agree to be naked to ride in the woods. Man – he’s the man.

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