Ivanhoe-by-Sir-Walter-ScottWant to know how many yards you jumped away from the bar, called childhood? Read the book come from this wonderful era. Yes, no more, no less. Select more air into the lungs, zazhmurte eyes and push off from the ground… Ooop! Back to the past.


Visit familiar places. Distant, but hitherto much-explored planets and old castles. Give warm greetings faithful friends, the knights, princesses, mischievous scoundrels. Take a famous journey, passing by the once thorny paths. Explore caves of the dragons – still restless their sleep? And if there were any brave souls that have disturbed the peace? Climb into a high tower, and saddled his black horse, try heavy armor… Just don’t stay long! On such trips you can’t afford to spend a lot of time. Therefore, keeping all decency and causing all the necessary visits, don’t forget to come back. Wave my hand, to breathe and to realize that the impetus you have been carried away, swept a hasty pack years, and you have not three, not five, not ten, and in consciousness something has changed.

My knees shake after the recent jump. With the road sweeping away the dust of cloak of old England, and it I actually back. Favorite book of the emerald resting in the hands, hiding behind the glossy cover of a once favorite story. You want to tell where I was and what I was doing? Then make yourself comfortable.

Good pilgrim returning from the Holy land, warmed his hands in the hospitable home of a generous, quick-tempered Cedric the Saxon. Looked notable guests, enjoyed the beauty of the beauty of the Saxon lady Rowena. Brave knight participated in the great tournament in Ashby. Because took would glance to know England, including the treacherous Prince John and his retainers. It competed with the instigators of the carnage on the battlefield and even had the privilege to choose among the noble ladies of the Queen of love and beauty. Black-eyed maid I was saving the young knight, trying to quell in the heart, languishing still, the nascent feeling. And after a brave yeoman’s fought for the title of best shooter, where from a distance an arrow managed to break down the unstable branch. Intoxicated with the beauty of the Templar was on his knees, unable to cope with their feelings before the charms of a pretty Jewess. Frightened, humiliated, fell down, and waited, waited for her mercy…. Bold jester Wamba, rescued his master, and risked your own life. Hops robber feasted with Jolly king, the legendary knight, Richard the Lionheart. And as soon as she had time? In fact, after modest Everyman have seen the salvation of lovely maidens, the victory of common sense over superstition, the reign of a worthy ruler on the throne.

I lived without her, strange, but quite interesting life. Immersed in the depths of the events, was the active participant of them. Decisions, tormented guesses were guided by the rules of honor, showed patience. Loved… And again step by step felt like a clock ticking backward, and managed to look at myself from the side. For a decade and more ago. On the rave the girl in the chair his parent’s house, this literary reveling in the luxury of diving in a century. Yes, I saw…

And how could you not love this book? This intricate plot, the charm of refined English beauties? This adorable sacrifice of the Jewish women? These brave knights?.. It was impossible not to love. Now, when the assessment of reading will be more unbiased (alas, but the romantic ardor in me subsided with time), can nevertheless claim that “Ivanhoe” is an interesting, multi-layered novel, with domestic and historical background. It has the wonderful property, when with the introduction to get the food for the mind. And after learn a pile of literature, rethinking fair share of sites that beset historians in an attempt to find out more about favorite characters, about how difficult, if not the time of troubles described in the book. Not to mention the fact that reverent attention to detail, by way of forming a vivid picture in the mind, will be adopted with enthusiasm by a person of any age.

For myself, I note that the perception of the novel has changed. If earlier the language seemed to me not clear, difficult to understand, but now the page is overcome easily. Only now I do believe that the novel somewhat tightened. With the abundance of parts I wanted more dynamics. And if in the childhood the book is “absorbed” me for a couple of days, now my trip down memory stretched on a much longer time period.

Only old friends do not give resignation, and the favorites of my childhood will always live in your heart, and therefore my rating would be unchanged. And with this novel, amazing, bright, dramatic, I will meet him and their children.

My story, like my recent trip, is close to completion. Favorite characters fell asleep on the dusty, worn pages. I’ll be back, I promise. Retain your thoughts about what these books are necessary and important. They teach courage, devotion, forgiveness, mercy and sacrifice. To be better, not to fear adversity and boldly to approach any task. They teach us to love.


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