Venus in Furs by Ritter von Leopold Sacher-MasochThe author begins and ends with the thought that the man and woman enemies. They can be for each other only hammer and anvil. Proves his opinion is that Christian morality, which prescribes humility, tolerance and goodness is able to bring the person before the illness, accumulating in this passion, which will surely break that same morality does not fit.

References both the foundations of antiquity, where things were called by their names, not hiding behind hypocrisy and ostentatious virtue. Believes that in ancient times was more of a natural human order of administration of the sexual needs and the General structure of society, though, because there was a anything and it is not shocked. But it turns out that there is a place relations hammer-anvil. So where does Christianity? So Yes, it’s just… is it possible to live, adhering to a different model? The plot – to change places, unless. Today, he whipped you so that you got angry and began to beat him with the handle of the whip… after savoring the moment, he’ll let you, but then – hold on!… Moreover, it all can happen not only in breathable sex in the bedroom with the appropriate equipment. It is possible to impose on the partner’s unusual behavior for him, because he himself so very desirable. From an intelligent man to make a fool. From a mediocre mind to wait for original solutions.

From a man in poor health to require sporting achievements. Sociable merry impose privacy, and loving solitude to get to lead a secular way of life… in short, not to take someone you supposedly loved, the way he is. My God, millions of people couldn’t choose for yourself the person, the natural bearer of some qualities? It’s interesting. Boring. It didn’t hurt, because he won’t be hurt, and he will not hurt you in response. It does not hurt, so not sensual. In sense – does not break, does not take. That the blind module. So can we or not different? And if you are not flogged, they do not sow the seeds of this masochistic ivy in the soul and therefore no desire to flog anyone? But if flogged and so there is a categorical rejection of whipping on the rest of your life? But if you flogged, then flogged you don’t want anyone else to flog, because it is already bored to flog? You can also do not flog. You can also to another level of unification of the desires, when and if there is pain, for the suitor, and he for you. When not to disassemble, where whose fur.

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