The-Last-Continent-Terry-PratchettPratchett is the master of sudden turns and unexpected outcomes. Cycle about Rincewind remarkable expansion of the geography of the Discworld. For all the time with Rincewind reader was on the edge of the world, trying to find the other turtles and elephants, learned of the underground office, and now the reader learns about the continent of XXXX.

In this book the main events unfolding on the island where academics of Unseen University trying to cure the sick of the Librarian in vivo. Well, Rincewind is on the same continent, which is not on any map.

Rincewind all the same Rincewind, the only people around compose songs about him! The faculty of the Unseen University are revealed more than in the previous books.

The characters are the same: Rincewind, the Unseen academics, a Librarian, a Chest in the episodes – Death, Kangaroos, sheep, the guards and other locals, as well as a Local God, not knowing what is evolution and who made everything so very quickly, the unlucky continent of XXXX and adventure, car chases, saving the world, in general, be calm!

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