Defensive Zone (Portland Storm Book 15) by Catherine GayleName of eBook: Defensive Zone (Portland Storm Book 15)
Author: Catherine Gayle
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Romance Books
Available Download Formats: ePub, PDF, Mobi

The «Defensive Zone» by Catherine Gayle Review and Quotes: THE TINY ROOM at the courthouse we were using to get dressed in was chock full of the women in my life: Katie, Bea, Megan, and Shelby. The only reason there weren’t more wives and girlfriends of Cody’s teammates surrounding me was that there just plain wasn’t any room for them. They were all downstairs in the courtroom waiting for the ceremony to begin.

This was going to be a very different wedding than what most of the guys on the team were used to. They tended to have big weddings with tons of guests. Someone would spend months planning out every tiny little detail, and they’d spend a fortune on putting the shindig together. Our wedding had been planned in less than two weeks, and we weren’t spending much money on it at all. Most of the guys from the team were coming with their significant others, but otherwise it was mainly family and a few close friends.


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