Melmoth the Wanderer by Charles Robert MaturinThe most famous novel by the Irish priest Charles Robert Metyyurin is accompanied by so gallant summaries which are filled up with big names that can’t simply be passed by. Among followers call Hugo, Thackeray and Stephenson, On and Balzac; To Oscar Wilde Metyyurin had the granduncle; Melmoty all environment of Pushkin and great raved; at Lermontov, Dostoyevsky and even Bulgakov for certain it wasn’t without inspiration cast by the wanderer. And mentions of Melmota are so numerous, of course isn’t necessary. At the same time, some warn: be afraid.


Not the Melmot, however, and difficulties of the novel representing a many-tier construction which without guide or at least the scheme sometimes not to understand. Meanwhile, the plan is rather simple. John Melmot comes to the dying uncle. That together with inheritance leaves it a parting word: to destroy the ancient portrait of their ancestor hanging at him in an office and also a certain manuscript. But John has managed to see in the flesh of the person from a portrait what is impossible because, judging by the specified dates, he has very long time ago died and before executing the will of the uncle, decides to read the manuscript. That takes away us in history of Englishman John Stanton who has met with Melmot Skitalts (which actually Melmoth the Wanderer, that is more likely Melmot Strannik), represented on a portrait, in the second half of the seventeenth century in Spain. Emergence him has been mysterious and noted by the tragedy. Stanton becomes we will gain Melmot’s search.

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