The headless horseman by Mayne ReidAction is developed in Texas in the nineteenth century. The planter Poindexter and his family get over in new possession, go astray and meet the nice good fellow – the mustanger Maurice Gerald. The planter’s daughter, Louise, and Maurice fall in love each other at first sight, Louise Kassy Kolkhaun’s cousin is in love with her too, and therefore lights up hatred to the mustanger and decides to ruin him by all means.


Soon there is a mysterious murder of which not unaided the Cassia accuse Maurice, and in the district there is Headless Horseman directing at all horror from time to time…

Who this rider whether Maurice from unfair charge who the real murderer and whether Maurice with Louise will be happy – to learn answers to these questions will escape, it is necessary to wait until the end of the work. The novel has caused a facepalm from the first pages. Because he begins with the fact that the deer has seen Headless Horseman and has got a fright. Yes. Deer. The deer has noted this strangeness, in probability of what I have strong doubts. The fact that he was frightened of appearance of the rider as it is it fine, but here so to estimate all his singularity… Well. The following that has raised a smile – it is instant and accurate cast. Positive characters against negative. The average isn’t given.

The main character – the most beautiful in all Texas, the strongest and the most noble. The main character – the most beautiful in all Texas and the best feelings the girl. Their friends – top of nobility and quickness. Their enemies have collected in themselves all defects what it is only possible. Both all these heroes, and positive, and negative, are awfully ingenuous.

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