Edward Lear's Book of NonsenseEdward Lear – the classic of the English literature of absurdity of the 19th century the present edition had almost completely included four main the “The big book of nonsense” (nonsenses, nonsense) which have appeared at his life. Except the well-known verses and songs which are brilliantly translated by S. Marshak they include nonsense of other genres: foolish rhymes (Limerick), foolish botany, foolish cookery, foolish alphabets and other.

Moreover, “The big book of a nonsense” includes a number of the poems published posthumously. At Lear everything is remarkable – graphics, painting, books of travel with views of Italy, Greece and other countries, letters which he filled out with an inimitable verbal game and amusing drawings.

The present edition has included (for the first time translated) the chosen letters of Lear and fragments from his traveling diaries. All works are followed by own drawings of the author. In such volume and completeness Edward Lear’s creativity has been never presented in Russia. In her and except limerik there is a lot of interesting and poetic, and not especially. Both letters, and options of the translations, and strange botany. Though, the work reminds something real, but in him it is more fiction, of course.

Drawings are amusing, but behind all their poteshnost a certain internal horror perhaps disappears from reality which was seen by the author himself, but I didn’t read only about her from newspapers or magazines. It is a pity what in the modern world her is read practically nothing, and it is advisable to read as in books life in all the greatness and variety is learned. Each person has to read Lear and his literary nonsense. She very much was pleasant to me.

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