Unseen-Academicals-Terry-PratchettEveryone loves Pratchett, he engenders a love for English humor and satire, his books are like cabbages every time: the first layer is his trademark humor-wizards in hats and without magic play football, this is already an excellent seed; the second layer is friendship and the formation of personality, a belief in oneself; third social; the fourth genocide. There are many layers, and how much you are willing to go deeper depends only on you. Do you want to just relax without stress? The first layer is at your service! Want to think? Dig deeper!


After reading Pratchett, you get a special pleasure! As accepted by Sir Terry there are at least two storylines, several locations (Ankh-Morkovk from different sides) and a lot of heroes. The main plot of the plot takes place at the University. Over wizards, there is a threat of cutting food intake to three, and cheese varieties up to three! For the holy they are ready to fight to the last and take the challenge to a football match! Also, the story line of the orc of the only one in Ankh-Morpork is untwisted, three love lines slip, and, of course, fashion!

A drunken patrician is a special moment of emotion. And a little veil over the relationship between the patrician and Her Grace. Separately, I would like to mention the moment with a bucket of crabs. When you read it immediately becomes warm in your heart doubly. From the book the reader gets incredible pleasure. At the end of the reading there are mixed feelings, and joyful, and sad, because this is the first wonderful novel.

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