The-Mask-by-Dean-KoontzThe book is such that a review to write, in General, not necessary, because the book is written very efficiently and does not require advertising. Wasn that one thing: to read necessarily all.


The product of the category catchy and very cute for all lovers of horror classics. There are tense moments, an interesting tie. Koonz fans will be sincerely glad to see this wonderful work.

The denouement very even nothing. Scary when the villain brandishes a weapon, the victim backs away, now… splashes blood, sounds of pain and horror will be heard… drum roll… the hearts of readers are pounding wildly… blood vessels in her eyes from the strain and strive to burst… and here ” Bang!”- no, not a shot-the entrance door opens, “rescuers” fly in…

Continuation of add themselves. Happy ending. Corny, but nice made and scary. And the main character – Carol – nasty, but something about her is mysterious. His child threw, and after 15 years dies of joy at the thought of adoption of another child. What is the Viper. And your child is trying to find and learn anything about his fate (or so they have not required by law?). Bad mother. One book about the author not judged, therefore, it is necessary to read at least another 2-3 books in order to draw conclusions. But the books Koonz – the encyclopedia of fear, because they all terribly terribly true.

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