The-Eyes-of-Darkness-by-Dean-KoontzTina’s mother, Christina, lost her son. sents him to class for a ride, and their bus flew away. All disfigured so that bodies were disfigured and it was impossible to identify. Only through dental records. Mother on son watch was not buried in a closed coffin. After that it began to suffer nightmares. Then a message appeared in the room on the Board: “NOT DEAD!»


Of course, she got scared when he started something mystical to happen, lowers the temperature…

Then she turns to her lawyer, with the aim of obtaining permission for exhumation. And here she is opening a Pandora’s box in the truest sense. Pandora’s experiment is a Great book.

Attempt Christina Evans to touch the mystery of the death of the scout troop, where was her son, immediately turned to Christine and her companion, a former secret agent Stryker, mortal danger. Murderers were on their trail. At the same time someone (or something) no less hard handed Cristina the message: “Not dead! Not die!”Ahead, in the mountains of Nevada, in the underground laboratory, where inhumane experiments were carried out and deadly weapons were developed for future wars, Christine and Stryker expected a meeting with the Unknown. It was here that they had to get an answer to the question – is the mother’s love able to resist all the evil of this ruthless world? And is the son of Christine didn’t die? All the mysterious becomes apparent. It’s always been that way, at all times. Death doesn’t always mean the end. Sometimes, it marks the beginning of a new life, more spiritual.

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