Whispers-by-Dean-KoontzOnce again, Koontz pleases with his works. This work can be put on a par with the “Prediction”.


Mysticism at Koontz – in the good friends. Moreover, here the author has clearly outdone yourself. Of course, the topic of vampires has long been beaten, but what happens if embellishes, and combine the mystique, occultism and detective story. Get a great mix with a great story, no way inferior to many of the mystical series. And perhaps, even in than something superior. Judge For yourself: Hollywood star Hillary, as a whole hard to get, strong woman attacks man, its a mutual acquaintance Bruno Frye, constantly wants to kill her.

She comes to the conclusion that he is a maniac. Moreover, in one of these attacks – she accidentally kills him with a knife. It would seem that everything has to end. However, there it was! The story is just beginning! After all, fry is not dead! How? Rose from the dead? Oh, no! It’s much more complicated. Harder and more complicated, more scary and more mysterious. What is Noises? Where do they come from? And why they – the root cause of all disasters occurring with the main characters? Here is the main key question of the work. Conclusion: Very excellent, clever plot, thus forcing the reader to think a little, that however, hardly will help to predict the subsequent work events. These novel and touches.

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