The Keeper of Secrets: A Novel by Julie Thomas EPUBThe book «The Keeper of Secrets: A Novel» is one of the most popular bestsellers in the world. The author of the book is Julie Thomas. A very exciting and interesting novel about the priceless violin, which is passed from generation to generation. This powerful and beautiful story about love, hope, and dream. The violin came to the boy, and changed his life forever. He was only 14 years old, and he thinks it can become a great person. But the war separates a boy with his parents.

They send him to another country where he has a chance to survive the war in love and kindness.

He loses his violin when he moved. This harrowing story that will grab you for the whole duration of reading the book. This story will touch your heart and mind, his brilliant narrative.

This item is no longer available on EPUBLIB as we received request for deletion from copy right holder 


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