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The book «Quiet» is one of the most popular bestsellers in the world. The author of the book is Susan Cain. The author rips the veils, and calls a spade a spade. Introverts are cowering, nasecki, and introversion — a cross “between a disappointment and a pathology”.

This whole stream of text that sounds like the magic flute for readers to introverts, crashing on the breakwater called “the style of the author.” The style of Susan Cain in this case — wordy with lengthy descriptions of the characters of the book “Quiet”, with the amount of detail that is not essential to understanding the ideas. In the same introduction, the author recalls the example of the lawyer Laura’s, which she advised.

You might think that the author simply feels deep sympathy for this particular character of the book. But no, the whole book “Quiet” is filled with such text. There are specks of statistics and research, which are surrounded by a jelly like this stream of consciousness.

One of the shortcomings of the book, which complicates the reading is endless footnotes to the sources and clarifications. Kindle on the old version transition according to the footnote is a new window from which you want to turn back to return to the original place in the text. In short, it’s great takes time. Paper book I in hands did not hold, but if the footnote there is also made in the end, this is very inconvenient.

New information for me in the book was 10 percent of the total text, 80 percent of the reasoning of author Susan Cain and descriptions, and another 10 percent is a statistic that is interesting to read, but not so much that it outweighed those 80 percent.

Recommend the book only to a person who didn’t hear anything about the division of psychological types into introverts and extroverts and that all the information will be new. To those who have read at least a couple of articles in popular magazines about this, I would not recommend – go to sleep.