Le Matrimoine Hervé Bazin

Le Matrimoine Hervé Bazin

The book «Le Matrimoine» is one of the most popular bestsellers in the France. The author of the book is Hervé Bazin. This book often makes readers have mixed feelings. On the one hand we see the life of a typical bourgeois family of the last century, described very realistic, the eyes men for the wedding, life together, the arrival of children, etc. Such a view in the literature is not typical because usually the relations between the sexes – the sphere of the possession of the writers. This interest in the book.

On the other hand, Hervé Bazin describes everything is so realistic that at times it becomes uncomfortable. In this case, I note, I read all kinds of books, say, Henry Miller, who did not skimp on realism in the description of relations and the description of sexual life. But I have never experienced. When reading Bazin, there is an uneasy feeling, the same one as written Strugatsky, which makes Prim toes. Feel like spying on people through the glass, and they do not know.

Rather more disgusting to date one person who knows about glass and the observer, that is to say the main character (the story is in first person), and other participants in the action are not aware about what is happening the act of voyeurism and behave quite naturally. It is worth noting that the book “Le Matrimoine” by Hervé Bazin you can download for free in ePub format.

From a historical point of view, the book “Le Matrimoine” interesting various small parts. I would think that in France, even 70 years ago there were no means of contraception in addition to abortion. Having children is perceived as a given as soon as the marriage. Before marriage, cohabitation is not. The girl married a virgin, well, the main character, of course the more naughty, and was in a relationship with two girls simultaneously. Not hiding the contractual side of marriage is the best Union of family income on whom to marry in this town.

In our time, it’s certainly looks crazy, but be aware that lived just two generations ago is sobering.

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