The-House-of-Thunder-by-Dean-Koontz.If we talk about the content, the book is not quite unambiguous. On the one hand, of course, Koontz is Koontz. And the subjects of his scary, spooky, kept in suspense throughout the reading. This work on the basis of full can be attributed to the traditional author’s frightening to shiver Thriller.


The atmosphere of fear literally permeates the book and is pumped with each page, the intrigue is exciting and unpredictable, and the style of the author’s letter is light and deep at the same time. The reading time flies by. But… here comes “the other side”… Solving a stunningly conceived promising intrigue will not disappoint fans.

Here it is not even well introduced in the plot of the secret services of the Soviet Union, and how they fit into the overall picture of the work.

In the early 80’s, when he wrote the novel, very few people abroad thought differently about special services.

Even if you close your eyes to the version of the machinations of Soviet scouts, the outcome still seemed successful. Throughout the reading, the mystery appeared a mystery was getting worse, curious. Suddenly, there is a hero-Savior, who with all the details puts the heroine. Then quickly, without much strain brings its from all this horror to normal life.

Unconvincingly… would they have gone with a secret base, KGB just like that, with a couple of fake money…

In General, the final salvation was easy. Therefore, it was interesting…

Of course, a book’s worth, not least because a large part of the work justifies the reputation of Koontz as a master of exciting thrillers, great things.

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