forsaken-by-b-b-hamelThis is the story of a murderer, killing people is his job. The first time he killed a man when he was 10 years old. His mission is the daughter of the powerful and influential don, but he didn’t even think about who it is and what it might mean for him. But when he meets grace, everything changes. Even though she wasn’t the girl for him, because it has no place in his dangerous world.

But feeling overwhelmed him , he knows not to keep her alive, but he can’t kill her. He knows that the mafia might come after him. He also learns that grace was abused by her father since she was a little girl, and it makes him hate the mafia even more.

All he knew how to kill people, and he never felt fear and pain. But she discovers that his heart is able to feel love, and shows him the world through their eyes. This novel with a gripping storyline, incredible characters.

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