a-connecticut-yankee-in-king-arthurs-court-book-coverThe novel of Mark Twain’s «A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court» can be put on a par with his best works. This unusual book combines fantasy, parody and cheerful humor. Mark TWAIN just could not write boring, what the novel and serves as a perfect proof. Classic is when after many years of work do not lose their relevance, right? Mark TWAIN more than 120 years ago, wrote this playfully fantastic book about life in the sixth century, at the court of king Arthur (as you can guess from the title) about how rules the country, the Church and the group who won the genetic lottery.

Technically savvy and enterprising young man after a blow to the head gets 13 years ago, and immediately afterwards taken prisoner by a noble knight, and then almost straight to her own execution. Saved due to prediction of a solar Eclipse, all recognize him as the wizard Merlin himself abruptly, and give place at court. Using and enjoying newfound power, he secretly creates steam engines and telephones-telegraphs, teaches all sorts of clever things the young people, but in the end, of course, there is nothing left to match the historical realities.

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