97814197170172-350x520Grab the kids chocolate and a book “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, written by Jeff Kinney and immersed in the incredible atmosphere of childhood! Easy text, funny sketches and funny situations, all waiting for you, it is necessary only to open a book about a young Gregory.

“Diary of a Wimpy Kid” is a recording of a boy, Gregory, who has just moved to secondary school (you have to understand that we are talking about foreign countries, and there is a different reference system). The problems of growing up, bullying classmates, fights with best friends, disagreements with parents, house arrests, holidays, taboos, school and hundreds of other everyday Affairs of the growing organism.

And most importantly, that each such situation so their her, not noticing, you can learn as adults, and children. The humor that accompanies us throughout the book makes reading it even more easy and exciting. If you want to relax by yourself or with your child, who already began to go to school and faced the first difficulties, rather read this book!

And, it is a series for children of primary school age.

This item is no longer available on EPUBLIB as we received request for deletion from copy right holder