walt-whitman-leaves-of-grass“Leaves of Grass” — a book which the author wrote for nearly 40 years. The collection is perceived as a single whole piece that has the original structure and is composed of individual cycles. It is considered that the theme of the book – “It myself Walt Whitman” the story “Man and the Universe”, the idea of “Eternal and Inevitable Triumph of Man.”

Whitman wrote about global democracy, brotherhood among all peoples, working people, the achievements of science and technological progress, but also about body and soul, life and death, about nature and man, man and space, about men and women, America, and Americans, about poets and poetry, war and peace, etc. the name of the collection “Leaves of grass” reflects the natural unity of man with the world, a powerful relationship of all that exists.

In the book, Whitman sought to create a national epic, which would give a comprehensive picture of reality. He “projected” on other people, countries and space. A special place in the book is a generalized image of America. The poet tried to put faith in the “American Dream”, the exclusivity of the historical mission of the United States. At times, the poems sound a note of irritation indecisive policy of the President regarding the slaveholders of the South. Become the norm of the poem dedicated to the memory of Licola, which was for the poet a symbol of democracy.

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