Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran FoerIn this book special is the main character, a little boy called Oskar Schell. A special boy with a special destiny. Oscar shell exists own world, where nothing is random – all to the depths felt, on time and really hurt. Every time. Every thought. Each chuckle – “split”. Given the pain of loss. All. Given. Pain. Loss. He’s in pain. Hurt by the fact that his world no one understands, that no one seems to feel to the heart of what he feels every second.


Let Oscar does not distinguish the boundaries in communication and sometimes do not understand that someone was hurt, but he is honest and incredibly kind, and can sympathize so as not capable of no other. But for this soul it’s hard to pick up the key and any reaction can raise a storm inside. And all because he once lost, lost all its former peace. All of his life.

This item is no longer available on EPUBLIB as we received request for deletion from copy right holder 


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