Room A Novel by Emma DonoghueThe narrative in the book «Room: A Novel» by Emma Donoghue is on behalf of a boy who is 5 years old. Sorry, the cake, baked by his mom, there are five candles, but there are five chocolates, postponed her “Sunday gifts”. MA could ask for candles, but she chose pain pills, and without which it cannot live – so much hurt her teeth. And Jack’s teeth don’t hurt, because MA makes brush them after every meal. And MA feeds him with breast and green beans. Jack loves mommy’s milk and hates green beans.


Jack loves to run around the bed, making a snake out of eggshells, listen to poetry, watch TV, but not more than one program at a time, because otherwise all the cells in the brain can die. Jack likes the carpet because it still left the spot, indicating the place that got Jack when he got out of MA belly. And not like the Jack two things (well, except green beans): when MA “goes” and when you hear beep-beep, comes Old Nick creaks bed. Jack counts the squeaks and your teeth, and then he falls asleep in his closet, where MA hides it every evening, before the arrival of Old nick.

In the book “Room” by Emma Donoghue lives a young woman who could be Fowles’s Miranda, only stronger and smarter, and a little boy that grew into a great Holden Caulfield. And the main villain too domestic, small and almost harmless; and the longer I read, the more I think that may not he the main villain and the enemy of MA and Jack…

The speech of the boy’s face in real time gives the author an opportunity to describe the world of the room, and subsequently the world outside of it, the so-called real world with a new perspective, available only paradoxical children’s thinking, not burdened by stereotypes. It’s a completely different look at a terrible and familiar.

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