Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie KinsellaThe whole storyline revolves around the main character, which right here looks like a loser, a grey mouse, a little chubby. It provides a full range of all the most common women’s complex and allows the author to flop it from one awkward and (supposedly) funny situation to another. It should be noted that Kinsella, too, a couple of times teetered live quite well on the edge, but that seemed to resist.

The plot of the book Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella – all the same Cinderella in a new way. The main character is so afraid of being alone that he prefers to stand next to an unloved man, because “we’re the perfect couple and if it is not, in my life there will be nothing good.” Along the way, she’s lying all in a row without stopping, that does not improve her karma, but entertains the reader. And then like a Prince on a white horse (or a grey plane?) there is her boss (well, not her directly, but in General, the company’s founder, in which she’s an Intern). Of course, he is handsome, smart, sarcastic and just breaking all records for genius. Again, what will happen… it will act like a complete fool, he’s condescending smile and melt all her stupid actions.

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