The Racketeer by John GrishamThe protagonist named Malcolm Bannister, serving a 8 years sentence in prison. He was convicted of something he didn’t commit. He lost everything: his wife left him taking their child, the father is disappointed in him, legal practice is closed. In prison, Bannister met with different people and among them there is a man preparing to commit murder. When a murder is committed, the FBI have no clues. Only Bannister to assist them in the investigation.

But it has its own benefits. From this detective many readers were perplexed. How can the FBI be such suckers? How could they be so stupid? Yes, we have to admit that in the novel many events that reading is not boring. But how smoothly everything goes at the main character, not like the readers. Fans of John Grisham was expecting from this book battle of the minds, expect some unpredictable plot twists. In fact, it was simply a “sugar-perfect” mix. The main character is a genius, Superman, FBI, small children.


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