dragon-tears-dean-koontzTypical “maniac” Thriller from Koontz. A maniac with superpowers against a couple of cops. This novel is a successful attempt to repeat the success of “the least place”.


It is unknown how the commercial came out, repeated clone the original’s success, but for the reader secondary is already a plus point, whatever it was, all OS-of tal. And everything else is in place. Maniac’s really creepy. Poly police good, professional and one even according to the laws of American literature – reflexive, but not as strongly as in many other thrillers koontz.

The gloomy atmosphere is pumped up soundly. Moreover, just three methods of description. What do people do, psychetude on the type of room with the mannequins and the story of the horrors perpetrated by the maniac. Despite the many secondary elements, the novel will not leave even in order to know what is this maniac and how it will cope with our heroes. Separately in plus let and a rare and highly black, but all same dubbed. In the description as Connie reports wrote – giggle out loud, plus a good story and other places, and the dialogue of the characters. More intrigue and interest to make a complete invulnerability maniac and episodes written by the person… dogs. Although the happy end is very well – only the will of the author, the plot giveaway.

In reality, in this scenario, the maniac could only kill a stranger who already knows where the monster lives.

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