Darkfever (Fever #1) by Karen Marie MoningThe novel «Darkfever (Fever #1)» by Karen Marie Moning bring readers a lot of different emotions: from disgust to laughter; from the desire to throw the book as soon as possible to the desire to continue to read the entire series immediately. The plot is simple and at the same time confused. We have the main character Mak – 22 years girl with glamorous looks, seeking the killer of his older sister Alina. Surprisingly, Mac is not a fool, though, and sometimes does stupid things. There is a superhero, sexy hunks Jericho, Barrons – man of mystery. They have in common is that they both suidasia (see elven in his appearance), and both of them needs something the book “Sensor Dubh”.

What to expect from this couple? It would seem that the answer is obvious – love. But it was not there, between them, a working relationship that gives the novel a huge plus, because the love between vampires/werewolves/witches have already tired the readers. Also, there are countless elves and they are nothing like what I imagined them. Not little angels with wings and large, vicious and ugly (or too beautiful). And still be divided into dark (evil) and light (good).

Some of the shadows that might attack in the dark, but is powerless at the slightest ray of light. Well, a good company has gathered. The murder of Alina, search books, two sivadasa, the vampire, the Prince and the Queen of the elves, the grey man killing beautiful girls sucking out their beauty, pornelf killing sex adoption. Confusing. But for this whole affair to read was interesting. The first book of the series ended on a site where there is a desire to continue to read on and find out how this will end.

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