Thinking, Fast and SlowThinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman – Free EBOOKS Download

Our actions are determined by our thoughts. But if we control our thinking? Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman explains why we often commit irrational acts and how we make the wrong decisions. We have two systems thinking.

«Slow» thinking is activated when we solve the problem, or select items in store. Usually we think that we confidently control these processes, but let’s not forget, what is behind our consciousness in the background constantly working «fast» thinking – automatic, instantaneous and unconscious…

This is the second work by Daniel Kahneman, which I was lucky enough to read it. Yes, Yes, so… was lucky… the First was the book by Kahneman, the Word, tverski. Decision-making in uncertainty: Rules and prejudices. Kahneman writes is very easy and fun… about the difficult things; sometimes paradoxical. Many of the experiments described in his books, fascinating. I don’t unable to resist the charm of its style and texture.