To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper LeeThe beginning of the turning point of the era. White the jury retired to reach a verdict black man accused of raping a white. And instead of five minutes to come up with a guilty verdict, they deliberated for several hours. However, black still was convicted, but they still deliberated! So, the era is changing. Or is it the lawyer Atticus Finch was too convincing in his defensive speech that shook the minds of the white jurors not only eloquence, but also evidence of the innocence of Tom Robinson?

No wonder they say that all genius is simple. The novel «To Kill a Mockingbird» by Harper Lee is at first glance very simple. Despite the fact that it raises a lot of philosophical and social issues, primarily racism, reads surprisingly easily. Sometimes even too easy. But still, what an original idea – drive the narrative on behalf of the girls, and even to tell with all a child’s directness with which the answers to many questions are quickly and be simple. However, this childlike not childish naivete.

At least in the main line. And where innocence still occurs, it is only for the sake of humor. Atticus Finch is first seen in a somewhat false light. It seems that the man in a case, which as a major life adversity, which takes care of the two children that he has no abilities. The farther we read, the more obvious – it is not so.

Atticus sees the most noble man in all of Maycomb. And strong. So strong that it goes against public opinion. What stands against the crowd. Being able to endure a slap in the face and not answer. Still, he is a wonderful father, despite his own phrase, said the sister, “I raise them as best they can”.

The question is, where in the novel the main intrigue? In fact, what will turn the trial against Tom? Far from it, just it is totally predictable, even in a time when white jurors go to deliberate against a fiery speech Atticus. No, not less of the sentence I want to know why Boo Radley never leaves the house. Maybe he’s a freak? Could he have Alzheimer’s? Maybe Parkinson’s? For some reason he appeared in this novel? Oh yeah, to play a key role.

As for Mockingbird, he still was killed, and this is another global idea of the novel – where it is possible to cross the line, where the line between justice and injustice… No, not so. Between justice and cruelty.