Magic Fingers by Stephanie BrotherThe book «Magic Fingers» by Stephanie Brother dedicated massage therapist, and to be more precise, the most skilful fingers in the world. A young man named Liam has worked for many years in the massage salon “Spa Unico”. It is very popular among the customers of the massage parlor, especially the female audience. And it’s not just a coincidence, because Liam is a beautiful and strong young man, seeing whom every girl immediately falls in love with him. One day, a young and charming blonde Aly Waterhouse arrives at the massage salon “Spa Unico”. Liam gives her a massage that Aly literally “blow your socks off”… Continued in the sauna.

Aly Waterhouse could not even imagine what will happen in the near future. Aly thought that she more never will meet with Liam. However, fate surprises. On a visit to Aly came the new boyfriend of her mother with her son. Son was the same Liam. From Aly’s eyes glowed, she was very happy, because the parents Aly and Liam were going to spend the weekend outside the city.

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